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Surveillance Experts

Surveillance of a Cheating Spouse, Boyfriend, Girlfriend by a Licensed Private Investigator

Infidelity, Child Custody, Insurance, and Domestic Cases are Handled by MI Licensed Private Investigators

Electronic Case Management Software Provides Detailed Photos, Videos, and  Reports From All Surveillance Work

Bug Sweeps / T.S.C.M.

Covert Surveillance Camera Bug Sweeps for Hidden Cameras, Wireless Microphones, Audio Recorders, and GPS Tracking Devices

Vehicle, Commercial, and Residential

Locate Hidden Cameras, Wireless Audio Transmitters, and Hidden GPS Trackers In Order To Keep Your Conversations Private

Covert GPS Tracking Systems

Spousal, Fleet, Child, & Covert Vehicle GPS Tracking Support.  Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint

Complete Vehicle Tracking Systems With

Real-Time Mapping and Historical Location Information, Real-Time Alarm Notification, and Comprehensive Reports

Worldwide Cellular Coverage Options!

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