GPS Tracking Systems

The Value of a Real-Time GPS Tracker

By utilizing our state-of-the-art global GPS tracking equipment, our investigators are able to know the exact location of the tracked subject in real-time.

Standard investigations start by placement of a real-time GPS tracking device in a hidden location on the vehicle in question, then our Michigan licensed private investigators  remotely "watch" the subject for a week or so in order to determine their habits; including hours of movement, speeds, and location data.  

Once this information is known, a surveillance plan can be made with you, our client.

We are able to verify hours worked, time actually left for work or home, routes taken from A-to-B, stops made along the way, or any other information to help in your investigation.

The value of real-time GPS tracking is in the substantial cost savings realized during any type of investigation.  Knowing the habits of the person being tracked saves billable investigator hours, which can add up quickly!  

Mobile surveillance of a person or a vehicle is not like you see in the movies!

Private investigators can't run red lights, speed, go around other cars, and can't stay in the rear view mirror of the person they are following.  

Our goal is to never have the subject know that they are, or have been, followed.

This allows them to be "relaxed" and "let their guard down", which allows us to capture video and still images which could potentially be valuable for your case documentation.

GPS tracking systems can also be wired inside a vehicle for fleet use, allowing for efficient use of specialized resources saving you time and money, and providing enhanced customer service, by knowing real time estimated time of arrivals for service calls.

Tracking can also be used for new drivers for their safety, and your security. 

Contact us today to learn all about our GPS tracking options!

Spousal, Fleet, Child, & Covert Vehicle GPS Tracking Support.  Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint

Spousal, Fleet, Child, & Covert Vehicle GPS Tracking Support.  Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint